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Demo Day Readiness Program

Are you gearing up for the most critical moment in your startup journey - Demo Day? Look no further! Our Demo Day Readiness Program is meticulously designed to empower your startup teams to shine on the big stage, ensuring you make a lasting impression on investors.

Key Features:

  • Customized Pitch Program for Your Accelerator: Join a dynamic program that is designed based on your goal and objective in mind. Through collaborative sessions, refine founder’s pitch, exchange valuable feedback, and witness the transformation of their pitch into a compelling narrative that captivates investors.

  • Pitch Deck Story Strategy: Craft a compelling and persuasive pitch deck story that resonates with investors. Our seasoned experts will guide you in developing a narrative that highlights your unique value proposition, addresses pain points, and clearly communicates your startup's potential.

  • Pitch Deck Design: Impress investors with visually stunning pitch decks. Our design team will work closely with you to create a professional, eye-catching presentation that complements your story, ensuring that your startup's key messages are visually impactful.

  • Presentation Strategy: Master the art of delivering a powerful pitch. Our program includes personalized coaching sessions to help founder perfect the delivery, refine body language, and confidently convey the startup's vision, mission, and growth potential.

  • Investor Outreach Strategy: The journey doesn't end on Demo Day; it's just the beginning. Learn effective post-demo day strategies to follow up with investors, build relationships, and navigate the crucial period after the pitches. We provide guidance on how to maintain momentum and turn investor interest into meaningful partnerships.

  • Meet with Our World-Class Pitch Expert: Benefit from one-on-one sessions with our renowned pitch experts. Receive personalized feedback, address specific concerns, and fine-tune your pitch for a higher chance of securing that crucial "yes" on the big day.

Why Choose Our Program?


  • Holistic Approach: We cover every aspect of Demo Day preparation, ensuring your startup is not just ready to pitch but ready to succeed beyond the event.

  • Experienced Team: Tap into the expertise of our seasoned professionals who have a deep understanding of investor expectations and startup dynamics. We have experience supporting over 300+ startups to shine on their big day, and let’s help you too.

  • Proven Success: Our program has a track record of success, with startups securing funding and forging valuable partnerships post-Demo Day. 


Elevate your Demo Day experience with our comprehensive readiness program. Let's transform your pitch into a compelling success story!


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"Partnering with INNW has truly been a game-changer. Previously, I struggled to authentically articulate my message, grappling with doubt and imposter syndrome. But since teaming up with INNW, everything has radically transformed.

Their ability to cut through the noise and provide clarity in my business is unmatched. INNW didn't just refine my message; they empowered me to fully own it. Their assertive yet supportive approach was precisely what I needed to thrive.

Now, I confidently convey my message and seamlessly connect with others in corporate presentations and customer interactions. In just 3 months with INNW, we've not only tripled our investment but also welcomed a surge of new customers. And we know this is only the beginning.

I highly recommend INNW for anyone seeking to attract investors or customers in their business journey."

Stephanie Crain, Founder and CEO of TAPAS Innovation

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