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Our Strategy

Using our proprietary Content Machine Method, we publish relevant industry content on your profile to attract the right audience for your business.

Pre-Demo Investigation

In today's digital landscape, potential clients research companies and individuals before committing to a demo or purchase. Studies show, on average, they investigate a business or individual approximately 17 times beforehand. This comprehensive research includes scouring websites, social media profiles, reviews, and any other available online information.

The Importance of a Strong, Professional Presence

Your online presence, particularly on platforms like Linkedin, significantly impacts your credibility and attracts the right audience. Potential clients often form their first impression based on your online profiles. A strong, professional presence not only enhances your credibility but also attracts high-quality leads and increases brand awareness in your target market.

Capturing Your Voice & Developing a High-Impact Strategy

Our service goes beyond basic profile management. We prioritize ensuring your authentic voice shines through in all your interactions. We work closely with you to understand your brand personality and messaging preferences, crafting content that resonates with your target audience while staying true to your unique voice.

The Time Crunch: Managing Your LinkedIn Profile

Running a business is demanding, and managing your LinkedIn profile effectively can feel like a time drain. Crafting engaging content, actively engaging with potential clients, and maintaining a strong online presence requires consistent effort. But juggling these tasks alongside other responsibilities can be overwhelming.

The Solution: Our Done-For-You Service

Our Done-For-You service addresses the challenges associated with managing your LinkedIn profile effectively. We understand your time is valuable, and crafting a compelling content strategy while maintaining an active presence can be daunting. That's where we step in, taking the responsibility of managing your LinkedIn profile for you.

Get Noticed by the Right People

Standing out amidst the vast amount of content on Linkedin can be challenging. Our Done-For-You service employs targeted strategies to ensure your content reaches the right audience - potential clients actively seeking the solutions you provide.

Furthermore, our team of experts specializes in developing high-impact content strategies. We create tailored content designed to capture your audience's attention, drive engagement, and ultimately generate leads and valuable business opportunities.

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We helped 300+ founders grow 


01. We Map Your Brain

1h long phone call to really understand your goals, tone, and network.


02. We Catalog Your Public Content

We analyze all the content you or your company have published to create a searchable database so we can easily create content that sounds like you.


03. We Use Intelligent Posting

Our secret sauce lays in the high-engaging posts we publish on your behalf 3 times per week. You get to see and approve all posts before they're published.

04. We Learn, Optimize, and Iterate

Our team monitors the performance of posts over time and iterates every week.

05. We Do the Work, You Enjoy the Benefits

Enjoy inbound opportunities at scale and watch your influence grow.

Interested in turning your LinkedIn into your top lead magnet?

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"I trust INNW with my personal account because they understand my brand and goals. They are timely, responsive, easy to work with, and get results."


Chad Gutstein, President, Entertainment Media Advisors, previously CEO of Machinima (acq. Warner Bros.) & COO of Ovation TV

Chad has:


  • Served as CEO of Machinima and grew the brand to reach +150M global viewers each month.

  • Completed transactions totaling nearly $8B USD.

We helped 300+ founders grow 

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