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Transform your LinkedIn Page into a key magnet for growth with:

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  • Tailored LinkedIn Strategies that drive brand visibility, lead generation, and industry influence.

  •  Profile Optimization from headlines to summaries: we help you showcase your expertise to attract the right connections.  

  • Audience Targeting that puts your content in front of your ideal customer by pinpointing key demographics, industries and job roles. 

  • Content Strategy to leverage the full potential of LinkedIn’s content ecosystem, with a dynamic content calendar to push the right content at the right time to keep your audience informed and engaged - and ready to buy. 

  • Networking & Relationship Building with a proactive engagement approach to connect you with the right professionals in the right groups to start conversations that matter. 

  •  Analytics & Performance Tracking to keep you informed about the impact of your LinkedIn Strategy with detailed reports that highlight KPIs such as profile views, engagement and connection growth. 

  •  Engagement & Conversion Support from a team dedicated to convert all engagements on your profile into a booked call. 

  • Continuous Optimization based on emerging trends, algorithm changes and audience feedback - making sure your strategy is always on the cutting edge.


Let’s elevate your professional brand to new heights!

Interested in turning your LinkedIn into your top lead magnet?



CEO & Co-founder

Element Apothec

"Working with Wen on our fundraising efforts has been truly a gift.

In everything Wen does, there is a true desire to really help you succeed. That does not only include helping you with the technical aspects of fundraising such as the overall strategy, pitch deck, presentation, building out investor lists and ensuring you stay accountable to your goals but in the incredible support she provides to help you overcome your own personal obstacles.


Wen is deeply knowledgeable about fundraising but the level of support goes even deeper. She really cares and is passionate to help you be successful. She helps unlock the best version of you in this process so that you am be unstoppable in your fundraising journey."

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