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At INNW our mission is to give founders, CEOs, and executives the tools they need to
effectively communicate their business to investors, customers, and industry partners, and scale their business globally

 Accelerating your business

We help founders to seasoned executives with investment readiness, GTM marketing strategy, and global expansion. 

Through our customized built entrepreneurship programming, we help you cultivate a thriving startup culture and ecosystem and support founders via investment, sales, and mentorship. 


We help 300+ founders grow 

Our example support includes: 


  • Preparation for raising capital internationally

  • Craft a polished venture capital pitch deck

  • Compelling brand storyline and elevator pitch

  • Articulated vision/mission and value proposition

  • Targeted go-to-market strategy and revenues model

  • Strategic fundraising ask and milestones

  • Practice live pitching in front of U.S. investors and incorporate real-time feedback

  • Learn how to answer tough questions from VCs

  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching and training with INNW team


  • Master Enterprise Sales Techniques and Communication for US markets

  • Connect effectively with potential partners and customers

  • Master sales techniques for B2B opportunities, in Gov-Tech, Biotech, ICT, and Cybersecurity

  • Establish professional speaking skills in English as a second language speaker

  • Build confident presentation styles for both remote or in-person engagements

  • Learn techniques to deal with criticism and negative feedback

  • Establish effective team-based communication tactics


  • Connect with industry professionals for specific market guidance

  • Train marketing and sales to increase conversion rates

  • Develop industry-specific messaging and go-to-market strategy

  • Leverage additional networks of mentors within the target sector

  • Build confidence in pitching and presenting with decision-makers

  • Establish long term relationships and connections within the industry

We help 300+ founders grow 



Testimonial Template.pptx (3).jpg

We were in the process of opening our pre-seed round when I met Wen. Our deck was beautiful but we needed help really honing in on our messaging in a way that clearly and succinctly communicated the opportunity to potential investors.


Wen helped me shape our deck into a masterpiece. With every mentor session I felt more confident with the content in the deck and how I felt pitching it.


She is one of the most encouraging humans I have ever met and this made the whole process incredibly enjoyable. My biggest takeaway was that as a founder it is hard to step back and narrow in on messaging. Having someone like Wen with her amazing expertise and ability to take a step back and objectively look at all the content made all the difference in the world. I love where our deck is now! I can’t recommend her enough.

Caryn Werner, Cofounder & CCO OF KOYA Innovations, Inc.

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