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Build your pitch that gets YES - from investors and clients 

You want any investors to immediately ‘get it' 

You want them to immediately say YES regarding why your business needs to exist and why now is the best time to invest in your business. 
You may need to come up with the right pitch, the right story, the right UPS (unique selling point), that get YES for you. 
...and that's where we come in.

We have you get pitch ready to get yes from investors or customers. 

VIP Pitch program 

You Are One Pitch Away from Changing the World
Don’t Let Opportunities Fall Through

We work with you on 1-1 to help customize and build your pitch slide by slide, from a storytelling message (that converts), to contextual design that is complementary to your business to world-class presentation skills to ensure you nail your next investment pitch delivery, we got you covered.


We work with a limited number of founders per month to ensure the quality of our work. To date, our founders have gone out and raised $50M+ in funding, and we are excited to help you to do the same.

(Investor Outreach as Service available upon graduate) 

Image by Austin Distel
Image by Alesia Kazantceva

What is a perfect pitch

Making a perfect pitch is like making a peanut butter jelly sandwich. It requires the perfect amount of peanut butter on one slide, which is all the business fundamentals, such as your business model, pricing strategy; on the other hand, you need the right amount of strawberry jelly, which is your passion, your why, the way how you tell the story.

Giving a Presentation

We need the right amount of both on the bread to make a perfect bite.
We are here to help you find the right balance on all your 12 slides so you can get YES immediately.

Sales & Investor Accelerator Club

Get your elevator, investor, and sales pitch ready.

Join us on a self-guided journey to build your pitch step by step, through our online modules + weekly Q&A live session + world-class expert lecture series, we will provide you all tools you need to excel and scale your business from start to finish. 


  • If you are an early-stage founder (seed / pre-seed founders) who is just about to raise capital
  • If you are ready to learn how to get YES from either investors or customers
  • If you are ready to uplevel your ability to inspire the world with your vision
  • If you are ready to win in a bigger way


​​We will help you systematically identify, and articulate what is your unique superpower, and more importantly, add the power of storytelling into your pitch to get a YES from investors or customers.


(Investor Outreach as Service available upon graduate)  




CEO & Co-founder

Element Apothec

Working with Wen on our fundraising efforts has been truly a gift.

In everything Wen does, there is a true desire to really help you succeed. That does not only include helping you with the technical aspects of fundraising such as the overall strategy, pitch deck, presentation, building out investor lists and ensuring you stay accountable to your goals but in the incredible support she provides to help you overcome your own personal obstacles.


Wen is deeply knowledgeable about fundraising but the level of support goes even deeper. She really cares and is passionate to help you be successful. She helps unlock the best version of you in this process so that you am be unstoppable in your fundraising journey.

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