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Are you ready to take your busines to global maket? 

Are you ready to bring your success from your home country to US and create greater impact globally? 

When it comes to launching a business in the United States there are many
different subjects you have to consider before your soft landing. How to create legal structure works for your entity back home, how to market effectively and get enterprise sales, or how to build an team of loyal staff members to help you scale.

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At INNW, we take a holistic approach to building great businesses. We believe that each startup has it's own set of unique challenges, and opportunities that require a team of dedicated professionals working to create specific strategies and then working side-by-side with the founding team to execute on the mission and vision. That's why INNW ventures strategically partners with a limited number of companies per year to provide fundraising, sales, and operations support.

By partnering with only a limited number of companies, we are able to offer a higher level of support than what is typically provided by other alternative. Our focus on quality instead of quantity allows us to truly get to know our companies and their specific needs in order to create a tailored expansion plan.


This intimate level of execution has proven to be successful in expanding businesses into the US market quickly and effectively. Additionally, by having deeper relationships with fewer companies, we are able to provide more comprehensive and ongoing support throughout the expansion process. Our team becomes an extension of your own, offering advice and guidance every step of the way. This results in a smoother expansion with fewer bumps along the road. If you're looking for an accelerator that will provide a personalized touch and ensure a successful market expansion, we hope you'll consider working with us.

Example support include but not limited to:

Legal & incorporation 

  • Consult and define best way to create legal structure between US vs home country 

  • Provide incorporation as Delaware C-Corp

  • Develop Cap Table, founding shareholder equity, and employee stock option pool

  • Create Intellectual Property Agreement between U.S. and International Entity

  • Assist with Patents and Trademarks

  • State specific business registration

Investment & fundraising 

  • Develop initial U.S. entity valuation based on competitive analysis, discounted cash flow, and cost to duplicate

  • Create term sheets for investment via SAFE Note and/or Convertible Note

  • Build Business Plan for U.S. entity

  • Perform market research on investment firms with track record of seed stage investment in your sectors

  • Develop fundraising plan for your fundraising goal with  schedule and execute accordingly

Sales & marketing

  • Build custom marketing strategy and communication documents for U.S. Market

  • Develop Customer Relationship Management Database and populate with

  • potential prospects and partners

  • Perform sales outreach, product demonstrations, email campaigns, LinkedIn campaigns, in-person sales meetings

  • Hire key talents in US from sales leadership to operation success 


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"You know, there comes a time in every founders life when they go, I have to go for funding or not. But putting what you do, what you have created, into words that a VC or Angel can understand is more daunting than finding and growing those first customers.

It’s a different horse, different needs, and they need a different way to be talked to, so they can love you as much as your customers do…That is what Wen did for me.

She took the most complicated idea, that my customers get in 2 seconds, and made it so anyone can get it in 2 seconds. Amazing. My jaw hit the ground the first time I heard her read back what my own company did. I’m like “WHAT!!!!”. Perfect, so smooth, so clear, so easy. Thank you Wen, Thank you. I cannot recommend her enough. I know I’ll be using her and her company again!"

Mike Mack

CEO of Fract

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